The source code for our Motif trading terminal application and Motif Core core library is publicly visible in our online repositories at GitHub. The copyright for this intellectual property resides with Paritech Wealth Technology and is licensed by Motif Markets. Motif Markets in turn provides the following licenses to the Motif Source Code:

  1. Motif and Motif Core source code is available for use by Motionite customers as per contractual terms.
  2. Motif and Motif Core source code is available to all other parties in accordance with the license terms below:

License terms outside Motionite contracts


Main Points

  • Available for personal use (subject to restrictions below).
  • Available for education use (subject to restrictions below).
  • Any third party code provided for inclusion in Motif will have a copy of the source code intellectual property assigned to Paritech Wealth Technology without any restrictions.


  • Can not be used for commercial use outside of education.
  • Can not be used in anyway to produce a product which in anyway competes with Motif or any other Motif Markets’ products.
  • Can only be used to connect to authorised Motionite servers for data and trading. Connection to other servers for data and trading is not allowed.

Motif Extensions

  • The Intellectual Property associated with Motif extensions will be owned by the extension developer.
  • Extensions are allowed to connect to any other servers.
  • Motif Markets may include features within Motif which are similar to features in third party extensions.

Detailed license

Available shortly.