Motifium is a trading exchange for financial instruments. It accepts buy and sell orders for instruments, matches them, and settles the transactions. Its inbuilt settlement system will settle using a block-chain ledger. Alternatively, it can link to an external settlement system.

There are 2 parts to Motifium:

  1. Prodigy
    A plugable matching engine which simultaneously supports multiple markets with their own market rules.
  2. Asset Registry
    Motifium’s built-in settlement system with a block-chain ledger.

Motifium supports industry standard connectivity such as FIX. It also has been fully designed to support regulatory environments. As part of our ExchangeStack product, it provides a complete and integrated full Exchange Stack solution - ideal for trading financial instruments in a regulator environment.

For more detail, please refer to our descriptions of Prodigy and Asset Registry. Or contact one of our consultants who can assist you in better understanding our products.