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Motionite is our front-end brokerage solution. It has all the features required for front-office and ready to be integrated into your settlement, CRM and workflow systems.

Typically we, provide this with unlimited distribution of front ends (Motif, MotifXL and ArcLight) and unlimited API use. Normally Motionite is hosted by the customer and our charging is based on exchange access, server site and trading.

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XStack is a trading exchange which combines an asset registry, matching engine and our Motionite brokerage solution to create a complete trading exchange stack. The stack is suitable for trading of equities and sustainability credits in a regulated environment.

Customers can either host XStack in their own infrastructure environment or use a virtual XStack exchange hosted within Motif Markets’ environment.

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Sustainability Credit Hosted Market

Motif Markets supplies hosted markets for trading Sustainability Credits. These markets run under the Motif Market hosted XStack exchange but are operated by the customer. Customers define their custom market and trading rules for their sustainability credit market which Motif Markets’ would implements. The customer would operate this market with the XStack administration tools.

This allows customers to implement and operate Sustainability Credit schemes with all the features of an equity trading exchange but at a fraction of the cost.

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