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A complete front-office trading system for brokerage firms and direct to retail exchanges.

A trading exchange ideal for equities and sustainability credits.
Built for regulated environments.

Addressing the dichotomy of short term economic imperatives and long term sustainability.

Our Expertise

Motif Markets specialises in the development of affordable Trading Exchanges and front-end Brokerage Systems - all designed to work in regulated environments.

We have 2 decades of experience in developing complete brokerage trading systems, and can now also can deliver full stack exchange systems with the capabilities expected by regulators, exchange operators and traders.

Our expertise extends into sustainability credits such as carbon credits and how these credits can be traded with similar methodologies as equities, but with far lower overheads.

What we do

We provide both consulting and solutions for trading equities and sustainability credits. Our solutions are based around our existing Motionite and XStack products so are fully featured and can be delivered in short time frames with low risk.

Contact Us

For more information about our products or the services we provide, please contact one of our consultants.