Motif is a professional web based trading terminals suitable for traders, investors and advisors that can be enhanced with extensions.


MotifXL is a Microsoft Excel add-in which allows Motionite data and trading to be easily incorporated into Excel spreadsheets.


ArcLight is a streaming mobile trading application which allows users to view data and trade while on the go.


A pluggable matching engine which simultaneously supports multiple markets with their own market rules.


MView is Motionite’s administration system. It provides both a web based console for broker personnel to administer Motionite, and an API to allow partners carry out specific administration tasks.


Passport is Motionite’s identity management system. A passport account is required to log into any other Motionite application.


A summary of the technology and design architecture used within XStack and Motionite. This will assist engineers and integrators better understand Motionite’s functionality and integration aspects.