XStack is a full stack exchange trading system for securities, digital and environmental instruments. It consists of a registry, matching engine and all the front office systems needed for a broker or direct to retail exchange platform.

It provides an ideal solution for both:

  • traditional operators looking for an affordable exchange platform suitable for regulator environments, and
  • innovative ventures needing a fully featured trading exchange as part of their service.


Full Stack
A complete solution for a trading exchange ecosystem. From registry to trading terminals.
Extensive APIs
All the APIs needed for integration, automation, innovation and realising a trading vision
Pluggable matching engine
Run multiple markets/boards. Develop markets quickly. Release upgrades smoothly.
Accelerate market development
From idea to production. Bring new capabilities to your exchange ecosystem quickly.
The 24x7 reliability expected by traders. Demanded by regulators.
All the capabilities you need. But priced to make new exchange ventures possible


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