XStack brings regulated exchange platform capabilities to new markets. With a full stack - from registry to trading terminals - XStack makes new exchange ventures possible.

  • No longer is a market required to have a large number of transactions with large margins to afford a reliable exchange platform that is acceptable to regulatory authorities.
  • No longer do brokerage firms need to procure their own IT trading platform or engage third parties to supply trading terminals.
  • No longer is it necessary to employ expensive skill and consultancies to integrate and run third party systems. XStack provides all the technology infrastructure. Brokers, traders, advisers and investors can participate in the exchange eco system with very little IT expenditure.

XStack is designed for new exchange ventures in regulated environments. This includes:

  • New share trading exchanges in emerging nations.
  • Jurisdictions with the authority to develop secondary markets but with limiting funding.
  • Government bodies facilitating the development of exchanges to trade environmental products such as carbon credits and water.
  • Or for existing exchanges who want to raise profits by reducing costs.

Sound goods - but maybe you already have your own registry. Not a problem. XStack’s modular design allows it to be customised to meet your needs - and still remain affordable.

Contact us to find out more about XStack and how affordable it can be for your new exchange venture.