Ultimately, a trading exchange needs to win the hearts and minds of people facilitating capital raising and people wishing to trade on secondary markets. This was easy when governments issued a franchise to an organisation to run a financial trading exchange and their markets were protected by both government regulations and provincial trading habits.

Nowadays winning hearts and minds is no longer that easy. Governments are looking to competition to provide value for money; technology has given investors and traders a worldly outlook. Also, the large exchanges with established markets have now become public companies and are constantly looking for other opportunities to grow revenue using their existing infrastructure and reputation.

To be successful, a new exchange venture needs to demonstrate to its nascent exchange community that it has the ability to raise the exchange’s profile and attract more companies and people to the community. In other words - growth.

Market development is the key to growth. Adding innovative new features and capabilities to a market signals dynanicism and vibrancy. Inevitably, this raises the profile of the exchange which, in turn, attracts companies and people to its community.

XStack differentiates itself from other platforms suitable for regulator exchanges with its ability to accelerate market development. This is possible because:

  • Control of the full stack makes it a lot easier to roll out major platform upgrades,
  • Extensive apis allow third parties to easily develop innovative applications and add-ons for use in the exchange environment,
  • Pluggable matching engine support multiple simultaneous markets with different rules and facilitates smoother platform upgrades,
  • Enterprise connectivity allows partnering with businesses who can provide wide distribution and outside order flow.

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